Professional Career

With an extremely long list of impressive medical training and higher education credentials from various top-notch, well-reputed institutions, Silwan Chedid has equipped himself for a successful career.

Chedid’s prestigious education includes: MD Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas, and University of Medicine and Dentistry; Silwan Chedid began an even longer and more impressive professional career in the research and treatment of cancer beginning not long after his fellowship was achieved.

Today, Silwan Chedid is a renowned Board Certified Cancer Specialist at his own active practice, with a list of achievements in the research of breast cancer treatments, chemotherapy, cord blood transportation, and colon cancer. He is board-certified in internal medicine, hematology, and medical oncology. Moreover, he is principal investigator of three clinical trials in the Oncology Section at Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System. This said, Silwan Chedid held a number of professional roles in the medical community throughout the years between graduation and present.

  • Full length image of Silwan Chedid        1992 – 1993 Computer Technician – Department of Computer Science, University of Texas, Austin, TX.
  •         1999 – 2002 Resident Physician – Division of Internal Medicine, University of Medicine and Dentistry, Newark, NJ.
  •         2000 – 2002 Moonlighting Admitting Physician, Carrier Clinic, Belle Mead, NJ.
  •         2002 – 2005 Fellow, Division of Hematology and Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.
  •         2003 – 2004 Moonlighting ED Physician, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX.
  •         2005 – 2007 Staff Physician, Commonwealth Hematology – Oncology, PC, Lawrence, MA.
  •         2007 – 2008 Staff Physician, Sacred Heart Medical Oncology, Pensacola, FL.
  •         2008 – 2009 Staff Physician and Internal Medicine Resident Instructor, West LPN Fort Worth Oncology, Fort Worth, TX.
  •         2010-present   Staff Physician, Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System, Temple, TX
  •         2010-present   Assistant Professor, Texas A & M Health Science Center, Temple, TX

Silwan Chedid’s Career Affiliations      

Aside from his long list of career positions, Silwan Chedid has also been actively participatory in the following career affiliations and medical societies:

2005-Present                       American Society of Clinical Oncology

2005-Present                       American Society of Hematology

1999-Present                       American Medical Association

1999-Present                   American College of Physicians

2010-Present                       Institutional Review Board Member, Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System, Temple, TX